Terms of services & Terms and conditions

Return policy-the siteshould present the conition under which prduxts/money arevreturned

Privacy policy – the site must present privacy protaction of the information entered by the clint

Delivery policy- the site must present the conditions under which the products are delivered and in what time frame ( delivery fee)

Anyone cannot use other registered brands or any company’s public information for fraud or without their permissions in the public domain, When will we know we’ll immediately delete all the content from the website and allow the domain to expire.
If your services are suspended, we’ll keep your data for 6 months but if you request cancellation we’ll remove immediately.

Our Business Websites

Make sure you see our information for sales and support on the following websites. Our Primary Business website is https://victoria-solutions.com/

But we own all these domains and we have rights to them, If anyone uses our Brand Name for negative marketing/ Spamming, or uses our products to sell as pirated versions, we can surely open a case in court.

Privacy Policy

We don’t spam our customers through the data we keep or we use your data for marketing purposes. We also Don’t store Credit/ Debit Cards on our system. Users can store transaction and Cardholder names in encrypted format for the verification process, but we won’t store anything (like cc or CVV number or anything)

Terms of Services

We provide bags, shoes, shopping items etc. Our registered customers should follow these terms for a great experience.
Users must email or call from their registered Email or Phone number with us for Support/ Resetting password, We May call for verification.

Legal Agreement

We’ll send a quotation or legal agreement when we are doing B2B deals or Custom projects.

Refund, Return, and Exchange Policy

We don’t offer or provide refunds to anyone, because we provide instant activation of account through email verification, and after payment, users will be able to use hosting, RDP-VPS, and download our SaaS software instantly. Please make sure your card details are secure and not shared with anyone.

Marketing Policy

We use to send marketing emails to those users who they allow us at the time of signup, If you are bored send us a ticket with your email and we’ll not spam you again.

Partner Companies (on Agreement)

Following the companies are with a partnership on work with us. And we have a legal partnership for B2B services.

Protect Yourself From Scams Happening Around

1. We never give you a call from local or overseas numbers asking you to register for refunds, lotteries, or rebates.

2. We never ask for your personal information such as your banking ID, passwords, card details, or credit card information.

3. We never ask you to transfer funds into an unknown bank account. Our official bank account details can be found in “the invoice”. Apart from this account, we will not be responsible for funds transferred into any other account / third-party accounts.

If you ever get a call claiming to be from us asking for your personal banking information such as your credit/debit card details, net banking codes, passwords, or OTP, please disregard them and report to us in our hotline number or reach out to us via email. You can find our email address and contact number in “Contact”.

Our only service is to facilitate our customers who want to remit money overseas to their family, friends, associates, and loved ones. Apart from this, we do not facilitate any other service.

Don’t Fall for Scam. Transact Responsibly!

Thank you.